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Culligan of Los Angeles is your local water expert. We have the equipment and experience necessary to serve all of your water needs including water softening, reverse osmosis drinking water, salt-free solutions, bottle-free coolers and water filtration systems for both residential and commercial properties.

With over 65 years of experience in the Los Angeles area we understand the region’s water conditions. Our service territory covers Santa Clarita, Sylmar, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Pasadena, Westwood, Santa Monica, Burbank, Glendale and all of Los Angeles. Give your Los Angeles Culligan Man a call today to make your water the best it can be. 

Los Angeles Water Softeners

Does your home have hard water? Some signs are easy to notice- soap scum on the shower door or lifeless hair. Other signs may be harder to notice- brights fading in the washer or the corrosion building on the inside of your pipes. Hard water wreaks havoc on your home in more ways than you probably thought. Luckily, Culligan of Los Angeles is dedicated to tackling the toughest hard water that LA has to offer.

To discover which Culligan Water Softener is right for you visit our water softener solutions page.

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Find out what's in your water with a FREE in-home water test. Your Los Angeles Culligan Man will help you determine whether or not your home needs a Culligan Water Filtration System or Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener.

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Kudos to Culligan Water but more so to Dan Noonan. If you look up the word customer service in the dictionary the definition should be Dan Noonan. They are the easiest companies to deal with in terms of accommodating you and being punctual with their deliveries.

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