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HAA5 In Your Water

HAA5, or haloacetic acids, refer to a handful of compounds that occur in tap water as a result of common municipal treatment methods such as chlorination.

HAA5 can also result in water that is treated with chloramines. These acids are created when organic and inorganic materials already present in water react with the disinfectants (chlorine, chloramine) used to make water drinkable.

The specific HAA created as a result of this exposure depends on the organic or inorganic material itself, as well as the treatment – usually chlorine or chloramine. Since HAA5 appears in water after treatment, they’re commonly referred to as “treatment byproducts.”

Both chlorine and chloramine are common methods used by cities and municipalities to treat water for homes and businesses. It’s a concern for some populations because certain kinds of HAA5 have been found to cause cancers in lab animals. Other side effects include skin irritation, skin inflammation, and even birth defects.

Where Can I Find A Haloacetic Acids Water Filter?

Once HAA5 has formed, removal can be done by reverse osmosis. However, technologies such as anion exchange, advanced oxidation, granular activated carbon (GAC) filters have also proven effective.

Reverse osmosis uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove a wide variety of water contaminants, including HAA5.

HAA5 vs HAA9: What’s The Difference?

The “5” and “9” refer to the number of chlorinated and brominated species each group contains. HAA9 consists of the five HAA5 species plus an additional four species: tribromoacetic acid, bromochloroacetic acid, dibromochloroacetic acid, and bromodichloroacetic acid. Monitoring and managing both HAA5 and HAA9 is essential for ensuring water safety and regulatory compliance, particularly in areas where bromide is present in the water supply.


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