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Culligan always sends information regarding my account, delivery schedule changes if any and has professional courteous drivers that are in and out in no time to change out my filters. In the SCV it’s a must to protect our appliances from hard water failure and at the same time have clean soft filtered drinking water.

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The technician was awesome and solved our issue quickly and perfectly. He told us exactly what we need to do moving forward so as to get plenty of filtered drinking water all the time.

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I have been a Culligan customer for over 30 years and have always been pleased with their service. I would certainly recommend them to anyone needing water service.


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With this combination of water resources, Santa Monica water quality often faces our share of water filtration and treatment issues:

In 1995, MTBE and TBA (compounds used as gasoline additives) were found in three of the Charnock sub-basin wells. While this happened more than 20 years ago, Santa Monica has taken steps to help improve its environmental footprint and sustainability. Chevron, BP and other oil companies settled with Santa Monica in a civil judgement for $423 million in 2008.

Santa Monica currently gets 75% of its water from local groundwater wells within the city, and in West Los Angeles. The city extracts water from three sub-basins within the Santa Monica Basin (Charnock, Olympic and Arcadia Sub-basins). The Charnock sub-basin has been a local supply since 1924.

More recently, the Metropolitan Water District declared a water shortage emergency after months of drought. Looking for more information? Check out Santa Monica’s water quality report here.

Is Santa Monica Tap Water Safe To Drink?

Environmental Working Group detected 16 contaminants in Santa Monica tap water where levels reached above their recommended guidelines. This includes arsenic, chromium-6, haloacetic acids (HAA5), nitrate, TTHMs, and uranium.