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Is Santa Monica Water Hard or Soft?

Santa Monica, a picturesque coastal city in California, is renowned for its iconic pier, sandy beaches, and upscale shopping. However, like many other parts of Southern California, Santa Monica faces the challenge of hard water.

Santa Monica’s hardness varies by source — well water and imported surface water. But according to the city’s 2021 water quality report, the water delivered to their customers had an average hardness of 163 parts per million (ppm), and 9.47 grains per gallon (gpg), making it considerably hard but less than other areas of Los Angeles.

Santa Monica’s Housing and the Impact of Hard Water

Santa Monica boasts a diverse array of housing styles, reflecting its rich history and the eclectic tastes of its residents. Here’s how hard water might affect some of these homes:

  1. Beachfront Apartments and Condos: These properties, often with stunning ocean views, can suffer from mineral deposits on windows, reducing the clarity of their picturesque views.
  2. Historic Homes: Santa Monica has several historic neighborhoods with homes dating back to the early 20th century. Hard water can affect the integrity of the original plumbing in these homes and leave mineral stains on vintage fixtures.
  3. Modern Homes and Townhouses: Newer constructions equipped with the latest appliances can experience reduced efficiency due to mineral build-ups, leading to higher energy bills and frequent maintenance.

Recent News on Hard Water in Santa Monica

California is undergoing significant water conservation measures, and Santa Monica is no exception. The State Water Resources Control Board has implemented emergency regulations to address wasteful water practices and promote conservation. These regulations, which include prohibitions on certain types of water use, reflect the state’s broader efforts to manage its water resources amid changing climate conditions and ongoing droughts.

Are Water Softeners Banned In Santa Monica?

There is no ban on water softeners in Santa Monica. Culligan has salt-free options with a wide array of filters and water conditioners.