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Los Angeles County Water Quality Reports

DID YOU KNOW water quality reports, also known as “Consumer Confidence Reports (CCRs),” are annual documents that all public water systems are required to provide to you via mail and online. These reports are supposed to provide important information about the quality of the drinking water delivered over the previous year.

They can be difficult to read or understand. They are often many pages long and contain complex tables and charts. Culligan Water wants to change this and help you MAKE SENSE OF YOUR WATER.


This easy-to-read report will provide you with the following:

  • Violations: Any federal, state, or local violations your water system has committed recently.
  • Items of interest: Common water issues discussed within your community.
  • Potential concerns: Unregulated contaminants that could be a health concern to you or your family.
  • Water hardness: The current level of hard water in your area.

What’s really in your water? What potential issues should you be concerned about? What violations has your utility had in the last five years? Explore all of this and more in this easy-to-read water quality report for your local municipal water source. Stay tuned for more reports to be added over the coming months!