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Benefits of Los Angeles UV Water Disinfection

UV, or ultraviolet, disinfection is a type of water treatment that uses ultraviolet light to make certain contaminants safe to drink in your water. Most commonly used to disinfect water contaminated with bacteria, UV water treatment is also used to target specific contaminants in water supplies, as it effectively disinfects up to 99% of waterborne microorganisms.

Treatment works by exposing water to ultraviolet light contained in specialized tubes, which effectively scrambles the DNA of harmful bacteria and microorganisms. As a result, UV disinfection is a fast, if expensive, way to disinfect water.

UV Water Treatment Systems: Origins

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UV treatment began in the early the 1930s, when tubular lamps allowed the expansion of UV light technology. As it developed, the applications for water disinfection became apparent, and UV disinfection was used regularly in the 1950s and 60s. Primarily contained to commercial markets in the early stages, it’s becoming more accepted for residential applications as an effective alternative to chemical-based water treatment.

How UV Disinfection Works

UV disinfection has practical applications for commercial as well as residential water treatment, though it has primarily been used in commercial settings as a result of its cost. Many industries, like hotel chains and restaurants, use UV water treatment to ensure water is safe for their guests, and has the best quality and taste for everything from prepared beverages to spas and swimming pool experiences.

For those willing to spend the extra money, UV water treatment can provide an effective method for residential home water treatment. Especially applicable for homes and communities that primarily source well water, UV disinfection can effectively protect against bacterial contamination that can be common in well water due to runoff and seasonality.

Benefits of UV Disinfection

UV water treatment comes with a variety of benefits that make it an attractive water treatment solution for many homes and businesses:

  • Easy to maintain: there’s no salt to change out or filters to replace
  • Easier on the environment: there are no treatment byproducts (like salt) that have to be disposed of
  • Chemical-free: no chlorine or other harsh chemicals needed
  • Fresh-tasting drinking water: treating water without chemicals or salt means water tastes more pure, and more delicious, than ever.

Ready to learn more about UV water treatment? Your local Los Angeles Culligan can help you better understand the technology and whether or not it could make sense for your home or business.


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