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What pH Level Is The Best Water To Drink?

Being an educated consumer is becoming a harder and harder task in 2022. With a wide range of factors and features to choose from and consider, along with conflicting or vague information, buying the best product is anything but simple, and that goes double for your water. One of those factors that often can be overlooked is pH. “pH” stands for “Potential Hydrogen” and may seem like a scientific term, but it is more or less a unit of measurement.

What Is pH? How Does It Affect My Water?

The ‘pH” measurement tells us how much hydrogen is in liquids, and how active the hydrogen ion is. The measurement ironically was conceived when a Danish chemist was studying the beer-making process in the late nineteenth century. Essentially, pH tells us how acidic a liquid is, and everything is rated on a scale from 0 to 14. Anything below a 7 is considered acidic, and anything above 8 is alkaline. By comparison, the human body has a pH of 7.4.

Acidity has a few side effects on our bodies, including how much salvia is needed to digest food and a lot more. Some foods have higher pH levels than others, and so our bodies are constantly reacting to the food we take in and adjusting based on the higher or lower acidity of the food. The pH of our water is determined by a lot of external factors, but the biggest factor \ is the large amounts of minerals dissolved in the water.

pH In Our Water

Pure water has a pH of 7 which is considered perfectly neutral, but as previously mentioned, there are a lot of things that can sway that number toward alkalinity or acidity. Having the perfect body pH balance isn’t all about water though – our diet also contributes to it, and when our bodies delicate pH balance is disrupted, bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and parasites can develop. Acidosis is a condition that occurs when our internal environment is too acidic, usually from eating too much meat or sugar, and results in fatigue and energy loss. To balance out your diet, be sure to eat plenty of vegetables and foods with seeds to boost and regulate your body’s alkalinity.

There are often minerals in our water that impact its taste and pH level, so water that has certain minerals added or removed can impact your body’s pH level as well, but overall, the more water you drink the better. The perfect water to drink has a pH of between 7.2 and 7.8. If you’re concerned that your water at home may be too acidic, schedule a Culligan water test and see how we can make your water perfect and enjoyable! Our whole-home water filters and water softener systems go the extra mile not only to filter out impurities and bacteria but to ensure your water is balanced and pure. Don’t sacrifice your health and well-being with unbalanced water.

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